MoneyPanda, a car insurance comparison platform, sources quotes from all major providers in real time, whilst leveraging off peer to peer reviews of insurance services, allowing consumers to make educated buying decisions based on quality of service as well as being premium centric.

fomo was created out of a need that the Founders, Ryan Marx and Jacqueline du Plessis have, that many of South Africans struggle with, the need to see specials that are valid and not outdated, specials that are near your location and most of all not to overspend when we don’t have to right


InsureHero  is a traditional lead generation model, driving quality leads from Digital, SMS, Call Center, Social media to Insurance Providers in South Africa, using smart data segmentation, and targeted audiences, we are able to effectively place clients products in front of consumers, by better understanding the media buying habits of the audience.


JackMarx is an e-Commerce store focusing on bringing high-quality watches to consumers at affordable prices, using social media marketing. consumers now have access to creative and innovative global brands.


Win-a-voucher is a co-registration model, allowing consumers to enter surveys and opt-in for products, with 125 entries per day, WAV looks to better understand the market and consumer behavior through big data, whilst aligning providers with consumers who have shown interest in their products.

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